We are going to Sitges Film Festival from October 5th to 15th! We will restock the Sitges Film Festival Merch from October 23th! Thanks for your patience :)

We want to remember and highlight our favorite vintage collections produced for shops, artists, museums, and share them with you.

Since 1982 The Original Cha-Chá has specialized in the design, creation and manufacturing of all kinds of objects signed by renown artists of international prestige. Cha Chá dates back to the world of comics, but began to gradually shift towards merchandising as some of our products became best sellers and we began to expand our creations in the field of signed objects by artists and authors. We have collaborated with artists such as Joan Brossa, Joan Miró, Keith Haring, Pilarín Bayés, Catalina Estrada, Martí Guixé, Mariscal, Marta Altés, Òscar Tusquets, Cecilia de Arriba, Alexis Rom, Ana Juan, Juma, Miguel Gallardo, to mention a few. Vinçon was a big display storefront for us, showcasing an infinity of our products until its closure in 2015.

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