We are going to Sitges Film Festival from October 5th to 15th! We will restock the Sitges Film Festival Merch from October 23th! Thanks for your patience :)

A different and diverse universe


At Cha Chá we are different:
We produce original ideas since 1982.
We design and produce anything you need.
We design from briefings.
We create from scratch.
We collaborate with artists and designers of international prestige

Design and


Cha Cha’s world takes place in two different areas: on one hand we are devoted to the creation, production and distribution of products signed by artists and designers.
On the other hand we specialize in the development of merchandising items for companies from different sectors, and create custom collections for very special shops.
Cha Chá performs both graphic design and product design and we produce all the elements.
We take care of every step of the process and pamper the project from the original idea to the finished product.

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